HI, I’M SHERI.Updated Mug Shot

I’m a single gal who lives on a 1-acre homestead. I’m a follower of Jesus, entrepreneur and struggling gardener who loves to cook from scratch.

When my dad became ill, I moved back home to be his full-time caregiver. However, I still needed to try and bring in an income. It was my love of cooking that propelled me into direct sales. The flexibility of a direct sales business allowed me to work around moms schedule.

After dad passed away, mom asked me to stay with her. We now share a home on our small 1-acre homestead.


I wasn’t born on a homestead. I grew up in the city, expecting to graduate from high school, go to college, work a 9-5 job, get married and have oodles of kids!

Homesteading and the single life was the farthest thing from my mind!

But, one day, mom said she wanted to move to the country and raise chickens!

Her reasoning? She was looking to retire and ‘get off the grid.’

So, in July 2014, we moved to the country in search of a sustainable  lifestyle.


Moving to the country hasn’t exactly been a bed of roses for this city chick. However, I have learned a lot.. a lot about chickens, and a lot about myself!

I’ve found that I have a real passion for this way of life…


Red Clover grows in abundance in our yard… yes, it is edible!

Learning about the things that grow in my backyard has been quite surprising!

Spending time with my chickens  – better than therapy! They really are amazing little creatures! 😉


Velvet and Rider are two of our Easter Eggers… Rider is the one watching you!


I immersed myself into everything that had to do with raising chickens. I took courses on raising chickens and permaculture!

Not only did I want to learn all I could about growing my own food, I realized I wanted to make sure I brought something to the table financially. I began working my direct sales business, offering natural and organic foods through tasting parties. We also got the word out to sell our surplus of naturally colored ‘Easter Eggs.’ – A calling card of having Easter Egger chickens on our homestead! And, in my spare time, I create jewelry and do a bit of drawing!


Although this way of life has been overwhelming at times, I’ve never been one to run away from a challenge. The biggest lesson I am learning is that I can have the life I want – IF I am willing to work for it!

Like a Big Ship on the sea that turns around slowly, degree by degree, I am changing my life for the better!

It was a BIG decision for this city chick to pick up and move to the country! However, with the lessons I’ve learned – am still learning – I know I have what it takes to run a small farm.

Backyard Homestead

Our chickens are just the gateway to the homesteading life that we want!

This is my journey into the great unknown. I hope as you follow along, you will find it entertaining, enlightening and encouraging.


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