Are You a Good Steward of Your Talents

Be a good steward - Use your talents for good


Accountability is a fundamental part of life.

The employed are accountable to the employer. The married to spouse and family. The citizen to society, and all of us are accountable to God. (see Romans 14:12)

Jesus once told a parable about a rich man. It was about a steward accused of wasting his masters’ goods. When asked to give an account, he quickly and wisely set things in order. (see Luke 16:1-10). He ended the parable with this quote: “He that is faithful in that which is least, is faithful also in much.”

While spending some quiet time with my Heavenly Father this morning, I felt convicted of not being faithful with the things he has given me…

I have my farm. I have my love of cooking, including my cooking demonstration business. And, I have a love of creativity and design.

However, I’ve spent money on things that haven’t panned out. I haven’t done anything that either of my two business mentors have challenged me to do. Plus, I haven’t been faithful in following advice I’ve been given.

Why? Fear, perhaps?


Whether the managed resource is time, talent or money, I, the steward, should endeavor to avoid waste, maximize return, and above all, assure that the investment is pleasing to God.

Time should be used wisely, talents should be shared to edify others and glorify God. And, money should be spent carefully and given responsibly.

Ouch! I just felt my toes getting stepped on!


God is the creator and owner of all things. Everything that I possess, whether it be money, talents or time, everything comes as a gift from His hand. And one day, I will give account of everything that I have done while in this body. ((Deuteronomy 10:14, Psalm 24:1-2, Acts 17:25)

We should be using the gifts we have been given. Especially since we know that one day we are going to be held accountable. Using them for good! Things like encouraging others. Administering Gods’ grace in various forms.

For example: My gifts are farming, working with food, and design. Since I have a creative side and like to draw, I can use those talents and make someone a handcrafted card. It might be exactly what is needed to encourage and lift up spirits!

Or, another example could be, making a meal for someone in need. I remember a time when a woman at my church was grief stricken. Her husband had passed away. She had the arduous task of dealing with the funeral arrangements.

So, I decided to make a meal for her family. I created a basket of picnic goodies filled with sandwiches, coleslaw, potato salad and chips. I remember when I delivered the basket. She was so touched! To me, it was just a simple basket of sandwiches… to her, it was the world! She had been so busy taking care of the funeral stuff and dealing with her own grief, that she had completely forgotten to go shopping for food!

Yes, our time should be used wisely. Our talents (gifts), shared with others. And yes, our drive to use our gifts for good should come from having an acute awareness of our own personal accountability to God.


This morning, I am feeling the conviction of my own wasted talents. I need to change… Like the steward mentioned earlier, I need to act quickly and wisely… I need to do what is right and wise in Gods’ eyes…

Do you have gifts that you are wasting? Are you creative? Do you love to cook? Perhaps you enjoy working with fabrics… you could possibly become the next designer on Project Runway!

Not using your abilities given you by God? You’re wasting your talents!

One day we will all have to give an answer to what we’ve done – whether good or bad! Let’s hope it’s for good!

With that thought, I know of someone who is going through some personal difficulties… I think I will head to the drawing board and create a card and let her know she is in my thoughts and prayers!

So, what are you doing today! Are you using your talents for good?

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