Taking Stock – Keeping Record


Keeping record of our flock or our homesteading projects hasn’t exactly been our top priority. Even though I have often been told by fellow chicken farmers that I should, in fact, be keeping record.

This thought must have been lying dormant somewhere in the crevices of my mind. Because the other day I woke from a dream that was trying to tell me something. But, I didn’t understand, until I woke up!

In my dream, I was standing before a scroll. A scroll of many jumbled words. No matter how hard I tried to read the words, I could not make any sense of what I was reading. Waking from the dream, I heard the word ‘registry.’

Registry. registry. Funny sounding word. So, I decided to look it up and see what Merriam-Webster had to say!

The word actually means ‘a place where official records are kept; a book or system for keeping an official list or record of items.’

I have been taking mental notes of such things and a written record of how many eggs… but not a really a detailed record of my flock. Or for that matter, other things on the homestead…


Today, I start fresh. I will be keeping record (a journal, if you will) of my homesteading ventures. Keeping record of things like:

Chicken Characteristics: Do I have friendly chickens? Do I have any aggressive chickens? Are there any complainers?

Chicken Health: Are my chickens happy and healthy? Are there any issues I need to address?

Chicken Safety: Are there ways to improve the safety of my chickens? Are their any fences to fortify? Do I need to plant more bushes for protection from high flying predators?

Chicken Eating Habits? Are they eating? Do they like what they are being fed? How can I improve the feed?

What should I plant?

How large a garden should I plant?

What projects do I need to work on immediately? What can wait…?

These are just a few of the things I will be journaling about…

Today is a new beginning… today I am going to be better at keeping record of my homesteading/chicken raising adventures!



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