Getting Ready for Planting Seeds

Planting Seed


Planting seeds… What can I plant in a cold frame or green house? In March… In southern PA?

Everyone I know seems to be mad at that famous little rodent! Once again, he has predicted another 6 weeks of winter!

Personally, I have decided to enjoy these last remaining weeks. Thoughts of planting seeds and growing a garden are a plenty in my mind.

It’s actually been a very mild winter here in southern Pennsylvania. Most days have been in the high 30’s to low 40’s. And lots of rain…

However, who knows what March will bring. March is usually when we have our biggest snowfalls. One year, on March 17th, I was snowed in for 5 days after 3 feet of snow was dumped on us… with another 1 foot of snow just days after! That was a fun year!

Just last year, brought us lots of snow as well…

Winter 2015-16


Because of the mild weather we’ve been having, mom and I took advantage and started clearing out the last of the weeds. Pokeberry bushes loomed over our heads this past summer. Although they are very poisonous, I didn’t want to pull them out. They were a source of protection from overhead predators.

Our chickens enjoyed laying under them while dust bathing.

With the clearing of weeds almost finished, I think the chickens are quite aware of the lack of protection. The roosters made quite the fuss. Crowing up a storm, while mom and I were pulling the remaining stalks. As if they were warning the others to find protection elsewhere…

I hate taking away their protection. Hawks have been flying overhead quite a lot lately…

But, preparations for spring planting have to get done.

Most of the area we plan to use for a garden is now clear… just a little more…

Around here, most farmers plant during Mothers Day weekend.

We hope to get a head start on planting by using cold frames. And by turning our back porch into a makeshift greenhouse. We still have time to prepare.

My hope is that we can start planting seeds by March 1st.

Today, however, has once again turned cold… Too cold to work outside. Looks like a day for an indoor project.

Hope your day is a productive one!

~ Sheri



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