Weight Loss and Holiday Eating

Vegetables are helpful with weight loss

Is Weight Loss Possible During the Holidays?

Weight loss, if I’m truly honest, hasn’t been my key focus with eating. Eating easily digestible, nutrient dense foods to help heal my gut health has. Yet with the Holidays right around the corner, I’m concerned I won’t be able to maintain my recent weight loss. The question “Is weight loss possible during the holidays,’ is constantly on my mind.

Living in a household where there are many different and finicky taste-buds, it’s been difficult to stay on track. When I followed one plan, I was so restricted with what I could and couldn’t eat, that I would cave in to others demands when it came time for meals…

In my heart, I knew that if I lived alone, I wouldn’t have any trouble with eating healthy! I’ve lost weight in the past! Two years ago, I lost 50 lbs. through clean eating… but alas, this past year has brought family members into my home that sabotaged my eating habits! If it’s in the house, I eat it! Including all the greasy fried foods and the ‘oh so delicious sweets!’

Seeking the scriptures for wisdom as to how i should deal with weight loss, I keep coming back to 6 basic principes. Principles I continually struggle with…

Weight Loss – A Disciplined Body

  1. Be accepting. God designed our physical make-up, therefore I need to refrain from criticizing His creation. I need to stop finding fault with this body. Sure, there are things I can and want to change, but I don’t need to keep putting myself down. Instead, I need to find things that I LIKE about myself! For instance, I have pretty eyes and I also have a great pair of legs! True, they may need some toning right now, but I have been known to turn a head or two with gams! According to Psalm 139:13-16, I am fearfully and wonderfully made… It’s all about attitude!!!
  2. Be grateful. God has already given me victory through Christ Jesus. I CAN do this!(Philippians 4:13)
  3. Be careful. The Bible, speaks FOR moderation (portion control) and AGAINST gluttony! In other words, I need to eat in moderation. I am not to overindulge in the sweet and sugary foods that I love so much. I need to know when to stop and watch my portion control. No more extra helpings! (Proverbs 23:20-21)
  4. Be disciplined. Achieving self-control in eating will strengthen other areas of my life. Although all things (food) are permissible, not all things are beneficial (helpful) to my weight loss (I Cor. 6:12, 10:23). If I can learn self-control with my eating habits, then other areas can be disciplined as well…such as exercising… UGH!
  5. Be active. Regular exercising will help me reach and maintain my ideal weight. Activity also improves productivity, cardiovascular stamina and mental alertness. Another benefit is that it helps you feel good! Being active is an area that I struggle with… but once I get up and get active, I feel better physically AND emotionally! I feel better because I know I’m doing something good to improve my health!
  6. Be persistent. Persistence is key to weight loss! I can’t give up! Even if I feel like a failure because I ate that second or third slice of pizza or decided that I just can’t exercise today, I need to be persistent!

Weight Loss and How to Handle Failure

Again, it’s all about attitude! So you failed. You ate that extra helping. You over did it with all the pies, cakes or Christmas cookies. Own up to it, but don’t beat yourself up about it. Be honest with yourself…

Okay, I failed! I went off the deep end with my eating habits. And although it has caused me weight gain, and physical pain, I CAN start again, right where I am! I’m not going to beat myself up about it! I’m going to pick myself up, dust myself off and start again! So, keeping these 6 points in mind, today, I start fresh! A new beginning! I CAN do this!

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